Airrex garanti

Aktivera Airrex 3 års garanti!

Airrex infrarödavärmarnas importör, Rex Nordic Oy, ger 3 års garanti på de dieseldrivna infrarödavärmarna som gått via oss som importör.

3-års garantivillkoret är att du aktiverar garantiet inom 4 veckor från inköpsdatumet. Garantiet bör aktiveras med denna elektroniska blankett.



Garantin gäller tre år från inköpsdatumet enligt kvittot. Den treåriga garantin gäller endast mot uppvisande av det ursprungliga inköpskvittot.

Kom ihåg att bevara inköpskvittot. Det är ett intyg på att garantin gäller.

Uppgifterna som lämnas på blanketten hanteras endast av Airrex. Vi följer bestämmelserna enligt personuppgiftslagen i vår verksamhet. INGA uppgifter lämnas ut till andra parter. Tillståndet att skicka marknadsföringsmeddelanden kan när som helst återkallas.

Warranty terms

Warranty provided by
Rex Nordic Oy (2646942– 1)
Mustanlähteentie 24A,
07230 Askola

  1. General description

    Rex Nordic provides a warranty to consumers who have purchased a product imported by an importer either directly or from a reseller. The consumer’s rights during the warranty period are determined based on the regulations valid in the country where the warranty or warranty service claim has been presented. This warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty providing consumers with additional rights in addition to their rights under national consumer legislation and shall, therefore, not impact these legal rights. The warranty shall remain valid provided that the device is operated and serviced in accordance with the instruction manual.

    Time-restricted or temporary offers are country-specific, and the related warranty claims shall not be presented in any country other than the country or countries in which the offer is valid.

  2. Warranty coverage

    The importer shall provide the products it has imported with a warranty for material and manufacturing defects in accordance with these warranty terms. The provider of the warranty shall be responsible for ensuring that the usability and quality of the device remain normal throughout the warranty period. Otherwise, the device has a defect.

    A defect refers to an expertly assessed deviation from the normal quality of the importer’s products or the related guidance values provided by the manufacturer, taking into account the age of the device and the time it has been in use. For example, manufacturing and structural defects and other defects and deficiencies impairing usability of the device during the warranty period shall be considered defects covered by the warranty.

    However, the warranty provider shall not be responsible for the defect if it puts forward a reasonable case that the deviation in the normal quality or usability of the device is due to a reason related to the purchaser. The reason may be, for example, handling the device contrary to the maintenance instructions or other wrongful use of the device or neglecting the maintenance to be carried out according to a maintenance programme and prepared by the manufacturer or a deficient implementation thereof. The warranty limitations have been described in more detail in Section 6.

    The warranty only covers Rex Nordic Oy products imported by Rex Nordic Oy and sold by an official dealer thereof.

    Only dealers authorised by Rex Nordic Oy are allowed to market and advertise the 3-year warranty.

  3. Start and duration of the warranty

    The warranty period begins on the day of purchase of the product. A receipt or similar certificate of the purchase of the product must be retained and presented in warranty-related matters to confirm the warranty.

    The importer grants a 12-month warranty for products starting from the date of purchase of the device. In case of specifically mentioned and marketed products, the warranty may be extended at by activating a 2-year additional warranty within 4 weeks of the date of purchase.

    Following the registration of the additional warranty, the maximum warranty period of the product shall be 3 years in total. More information about the warranty periods of different products is available at

  4. Work included in the warranty scope

    If the device is sent to warranty servicing within the extended warranty period, the receipt and warranty certificate (or a reliable clarification of the date of purchase) for the extended warranty must be sent with it. Based on the warranty, repair of the defect covered by the warranty shall be performed free of charge during the warranty period during normal working hours as indicated by Rex Nordic Oy. 

    Possible costs connected to transporting the device to warranty servicing or warranty repair are at the customer’s expense. Keep the original packaging to facilitate any transport. The costs connected to returning the product to the customer after warranty servicing or warranty repair, if the device was approved for warranty servicing/repair are at the expense of the dealer/importer. If a defect in or repair of the product is not covered by the warranty, the customer must pay for all service costs, including any postal fees.

    If the product or part thereof is replaced as part of the rights under this warranty term, the replacing part shall become the customer’s property and the replaced old part shall become the importer’s property.

  5. Warranty of a repaired product

    The warranty of a device repaired or replaced under the warranty shall continue until the end of the original warranty period.

  6. Warranty limitations

    The warranty shall not cover:  

    1. repair of a defect caused by natural wear and tear or inappropriate use; deficient or faulty service performed by a party other than the importer or conditions of use deviating from the dimensioning basis; or selection by the purchaser of a device unfit or wrongly dimensioned for use or for a certain application. Instructions on annual maintenance are provided in the instruction manual delivered with the product and available online at
    2. use of the product in facilities incompatible with the instruction manual and/or problems caused by conditions. Always check the required technical specifications in the product manual
    3. insufficient ventilation (products requiring sufficient ventilation to function)
    4. compensation for direct or indirect damage caused by the defective device
    5. repair of a defect if a third party has performed modifications or repairs to the device
    6. repair or replacement of parts subject to wear with no specifically granted warranties

    If it emerges during a warranty repair that the defect or possible defect has been caused by one of the aforementioned factors, the importer shall have the right to invoice the customer for any work and material costs induced by the work. The importer shall report such a situation once the matter has emerged, in which case the customer shall have the option of not repairing the defect not covered by the warranty terms. In the situation described above, the product’s return charges shall fall under the customer’s responsibility. The product can also be recovered from the Importer’s maintenance service where the product has been sent at no extra charge.

    Reporting a defect shall be a reasonable time following the detection of the defect or the day when it should have been detected. However, in the event of a defect, the customer must always act in a way that ensures that the damage will not be heightened due to the customer’s actions or negligence. When reporting a defect, the purchaser must present a warranty certificate or another reliable clarification on where and when the device was purchased.

    When estimating a reasonable repair time, the degree of defect shall be taken into account in consideration of the safety and reliability of the device, the difficulty of locating the defect, the scope of repair and the availability of spare parts.

    With regard to software, the manufacturer’s licence and terms of use shall be observed.

  7. Presenting a warranty claim

    You can submit a warranty claim at or by phone or e-mail to Rex Nordic’s customer service during service hours. The up-to-date customer service contact information is available at

    Alternatively, if you purchased the product from an official Rex Nordic Oy reseller, you can contact the reseller.

  8. Warranty service and options

    The most suitable warranty service option can be determined through contact with the importer. With the below options, Rex Nordic shall determine one or more options to be used:

    1. an authorised servicing staff member arrives on site to perform the warranty service measures
    2. the customer sends the product to warranty service by post. Rex Nordic shall pay the postal fees both ways if the warranty terms are met
    3. the customer delivers the product to an authorised reseller, and the reseller delivers the product to Rex Nordic. 
    4. the customer delivers the product directly to a service location indicated by Rex Nordic. The customer shall be responsible for the costs incurred by them. 
    5. Rex Nordic shall deliver an easily replaceable part by post for the customer to replace by themselves.

    We shall not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for any labour-related costs.  If you need guidance or more information, please contact the Rex Nordic maintenance department. The up-to-date contact information is available at

  9. Disclaimer

    This warranty shall be interpreted according to the laws of the country in which the product imported by Rex Nordic Oy has been sold. 

    To the extent allowed by local legislation, Rex Nordic shall not bear responsibility for any operational defects, harm, loss or other indirect damage to the product caused by misuse of the product, inability to use it or breach of the direct or indirect warranty.